Strategic Plan

In February of 2011, the Exceptional Children's Foundation celebrated sixty-five years of service to people with disabilities and their families living in communities throughout Los Angeles County. As we approach the conclusion of our seventh decade of service, our fundamental, uncomplicated mission remains constant; that is, to provide the highest quality services for children and adults who are challenged with developmental, learning and emotional disabilities - empowering them to reach their greatest potential.

Having successfully achieved close to 90% of our strategic objectives over the past 12 years, we continue to strive to realize the organization's vision of a society in which all people are valued and integrated in educational, social, work and residential settings.

We proudly present ECF's goals and objectives through June 2014. The ECF Board of Directors will monitor the plan's implementation on a quarterly basis and will revise the plan, as necessary, to ensure the highest and most appropriate service quality for our program participants.

We give special thanks to all the members of the ECF family - our consumers, families, volunteers, partners and benefactors - who have contributed to the development of this plan and helped to strengthen our commitment to service excellence.






Scott D. Bowling, Psy.D.

President & CEO


ECF Strategic Plan - Goals and Objectives (2011 - 2014)



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