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About The Art Centers

The mission of the ECF Art Center is to train adults with developmental disabilities into working fine artists. The Art Center Program also strives to create andincrease awareness and advocacy for those with developmental disabilities.

The Art Center Program consistently searches for support and distribution channels for the art to be shown and purchased, thereby providing a source of income for the clients and revenue for the Art Center. The increase in financial support will continue to sustain existing programs and allow for the development and implementation of new programs. Look through our "Portfolio" pages to preview art work.  Please see the contact info below if you are interested in purchasing any of the artwork featured.

Begun in 1946, ECF is Los Angeles County's oldest and largest provider of services and training for children, youth and adults with developmental disabilities. Annually serving more than 2,300 people, ECF offers a variety of programs including its Art Center, which, since 1968 has provided adults with developmental disabilities a nurturing artistic environment, professional art training, and studio facilities. Over the years, the Art Center has received numerous awards and is nationally recognized for leadership in demonstrating that developmentally disabled individuals have the ability to excel in producing fine art.

Art Center participants range in age from 18 to 65 and often have multiple disabilities - mental retardation, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, autism and/or emotional and psychiatric disorders. Many have been turned away by other programs for being "too difficult" or "too disturbed." Yet, at ECF, they succeed artistically and achieve professional recognition, a sense of heightened self-worth and a new career.

Instruction is offered in drawing, painting, printmaking, textiles, ceramics and photography. Service is also offered in academics, independent living skills, counseling and behavior management. Exhibitions of the artwork are arranged throughout the year, providing artists with important earnings from the sales. In addition, the Art Center is open to the public and accepts individual and corporate commissions. If you are a business, an interior designer, or an individual collector who is interested in purchasing or commissioning works, please call 213-627-7374 or email

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