The ECF Kayne Eras Center (KEC) is a comprehensive educational and therapeutic service center. The staff of over 200 represent a range of ethnically diverse and credentialed professionals with a variety of specializations including special education, psychology, marriage and family therapy, social work, speech and language pathology, early childhood special education, occupational therapy, music and art therapy, and behavioral intervention.

In 2000, with the generous support from Ric and Suzanne Kayne, and their family, the Center moved into a new facility which significantly expanded service capacity. In honor of the Kayne Family’s deep commitment to special education, the Center’s name was changed to the ECF Kayne Eras Center.

Today, the ECF Kayne Eras Center (KEC) is comprised of:


  • ECF Kayne Eras School – Offering an array of comprehensive special education and therapeutic services described in full below.
  • Therapeutic Services Program – Offering a range of interventions and treatments for Kayne Eras School students and students at surrounding neighborhood schools. Click here to learn about our Therapeutic Services program.

Students are typically referred to Kayne Eras School by their local school districts through the IEP process. The School accepts referrals from most local school districts and Charter Schools. If you have questions regarding your child’s possible need for an NPS, please contact your child’s current school. Information about ECF’s Kayne Eras School and tours of the program can be arranged by contacting the school at (310) 737-9393.

Kayne Eras School

“ECF Kayne Eras School should be every kid’s foundation, because here, students learn how to be successful.”
- Elijah, 9th grader

ECF’s Kayne Eras School is a California certified Non-Public School (NPS), K-12 learning institution created to help children and youth 5-22 years old with special needs to develop confidence – and social, intellectual, and emotional skills – to discover their unique potential and achieve academic success. Services are offered to public school students whose disabilities require highly individualized, differentiated special education.

Through an integrated education model that uses small class sizes and highly specialized instruction, students learn how to learn. Teachers view each student’s unique set of challenges as a different way of learning. Our educators work closely with students and their families to address issues which prevent each student from learning to his or her potential. ECF’s Kayne Eras School meets national standards of excellence, ensuring that students receive the best possible education. Our high school graduates transition into community and four-year colleges, advance to trade schools or community jobs, or enroll in ECF adult services programs.

ECF Kayne Eras School credentialed teachers work with referring school districts, students, and their families to effectively:

  • Assess each student’s level of learning.
  • Determine the most effective teaching/learning approach.
  • Design a program that starts where the student feels successful and builds from that critical point.
  • Continue to evaluate through instruction.
  • Facilitate communication between the student, the family, the school, and other professionals connected to the student.

The following educational and therapeutic services are also offered at the School to enhance student learning.

Educational Therapy
The Barbara Cull Educational Therapy Program is an intervention to develop alternative strategies for addressing learning problems for those who are unable to learn by traditional methods. The program is designed for children with learning disabilities and problems associated with dyslexia, non-verbal learning disorders, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), language processing, anxiety disorders, and reading and writing challenges. A qualified educational therapist assesses each student’s barriers to learning and then develops an individual learning plan to identify ways to best address learning problems and challenges. Educational therapy identifies and works on the root causes of learning difficulties and should not be mistaken for tutoring. Educational therapy services may include remediation of learning disabilities and strategies for effective learning.



Enrichment Program
For many of our students, the Enrichment program is an invaluable avenue for creative expression. Art, music, dance and drama, along with computer education, physical education, team sports, field trips, self-defense training and group volunteering, all help students to develop social skills, self-esteem, physical coordination, a sense of exploration, and experience the value and rewards of teamwork. Our adaptive physical education courses are accessible to students with a variety of limitations – providing an outlet for excess physical and emotional energy. Parents and teachers of children who participate in enhancement activities extol the benefits gained from these experiences. Several teachers note that after a few months of participating in the sports program, most students’ attitudes toward school improve and they demonstrate more self-discipline in the classroom.

Behavioral Therapy
Behavioral Therapy is an intervention for children who may be exhibiting maladaptive behaviors, difficulty with social integration, sensory integration dysfunction, non-specific learning disorders, expressive/receptive speech disorders, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and issues related to Autism. Services are generally designated by the child’s IEP, Regional Center assessment or through private contract from the parent with school personnel. Services may be provided in the school, home and/or community, and may include:

  • Development and implementation of a behavior plan
  • Use of Applied Behavior Analysis to observe, define, and measure behavior
  • Use of Discrete Trial Training
  • Facilitation of students’ access to the classroom routine and curriculum
  • Enhancement of social skills and peer relationships
  • Coordination of parent, teacher, and behaviorist regarding child’s needs and progress toward goals


Speech and Language Therapy
Speech and language therapy is designed for children with language processing disorders, hearing loss, language delays, stuttering and voice or articulation disorders. Licensed Speech Therapists help each student learn to communicate more effectively in all areas of their lives.

Services may include:

  • Articulation
  • Language processing
  • Auditory processing
  • Use of language

Occupational Therapy
Occupational Therapy is available for children who have – or who are at risk for developing – physical or cognitive deficits, psychosocial dysfunction, mental illness, developmental and/or learning disorders, and maladaptive behaviors. This therapy focuses on work and play activities that help children improve or restore function, enhance development and prevent disability brought on by illness, injury, or deprivation. Licensed Occupational Therapists use a knowledge base of neurology, anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, child development, psychology, psychosocial development, activity analysis, and ergonomics to help each child achieve maximum independence and enhance his or her quality of life while taking part in daily activities.

Services may include:

  • Fine motor skills
  • Visual motor integration
  • Sensory integration

“I’ve been inspired by watching my students navigate academic and social journeys with great character and conviction. Although faced with challenges, they have advanced confidently in the direction of their aspirations while motivating me to do the same.”
- Jolene Walker, ECF Kayne Eras School Teacher

Counseling and Educationally-Related Mental Health Services
At the Kayne Eras School, counseling is provided as a support for our students so that they become receptive to their educational surroundings, benefit from their academic instruction, and profit from their experience here.

Through individual and group counseling modalities, we help students recognize their behavioral and emotional challenges, and provide support to help them make positive changes. Using individualized goals and objectives that address the unique challenges each student evidences, we work to help our students:

  • Develop impulse control, increase frustration tolerance, and learn anger management skills
  • Develop positive social skills
  • Develop the coping skills to face new and challenging academic and social situations
  • Improve self-confidence and self-esteem, and develop the skills necessary to help them succeed in school and beyond

Through collaboration with teachers, administrators, parents, and other service providers, we support a school-wide, positive behavior program designed to help our students develop the skills to make positive choices and develop the resources and confidence to accomplish their goals.

The school counseling staff at the Kayne Eras School is comprised of licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, licensed Clinical Social Workers, and post-graduate level Marriage and Family Therapy interns. In partnership with the Loyola Marymount University graduate art therapy program, our registered, board certified Art Therapist provides practicum experience for up to two art therapy student trainees.

Lifespan of Services

Life Span Of Services

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