Advocacy Alerts for May 2017

Support Assembly Bill 279

Californians: Ask Your Senator to Support AB-279! 

Assembly Bill 279 helps protect services for Californians with developmental disabilities by allowing the Department of Disability Services to adjust the reimbursement rates for service providers at a level on par with the local minimum wage. This is especially timely, since the minimum wage in Los Angeles and other cities is increasing on July 1. The state Assembly just passed the bill, and now it will be voted on by our state Senate.

You can make a difference by asking your state Senator to support AB-279. Simply personalize the letter below and fax it to them or use it as a script when you call their office.

1. Look up your Senator; call and ask them to “Support AB-279”

2. Fax your Senator the letter below

P.S. Want to help even more? Contact Senator Ricardo Lara, Chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee — click here for his phone number and fax number

Click here to read AB-279. Questions? Contact Linda Gamberg at ECF via email or at (310) 773-9436.



[Add: Date]

The Honorable [Add: Legislator’s Name]

California State Senate

[Add: Senator’s Address]

SUPPORT Californians with Special Needs – SUPPORT AB-279 (Holden)

Dear Senator  [+ Their Last Name],

Please prioritize Californians with disabilities and those who serve them by voting in support of AB-279, supported by your colleagues in the Assembly.

Your support is needed now more than ever, since the Department of Disability Services lacks a mechanism for adjusting the reimbursement rates paid to the community-based service providers it contracts — many of whom must comply with local minimum wage ordinances as soon as July 1, 2017.

Your “yes” vote will help prevent significant decreases to the level of service providers can afford to offer Californians with disabilities, and the potential closure of service providers that cannot afford to continue operations.

As a [Add: family member at/staff member of/supporter of] the Exceptional Children’s Foundation, I [Add: love/care for/support] someone who depends upon the services funded through the Regional Centers, overseen by the Department of Developmental Services.  These services allow [Add: participant’s name, i.e. “my sister, Mary” or “my client, John] to live as independently as possible. If the state does not authorize DDS to allow Regional Centers to reimburse service providers like ECF at a rate on par with local minimum wages, I’m concerned that these nonprofits will not be able to afford their payrolls.

I appreciate that the State of California has made a long-standing commitment to serve residents with disabilities. Please make this the year you vote to support [Add: my loved one/those I serve]. Vote “yes” on AB-279.

Thank you,

[Add: Your Name]

[Add: Your Home Address]