Advocacy Alerts for AB279

Support Assembly Bill 279

Tell California Legislators TO SAVE OUR SERVICES TODAY!

Community service providers like ECF in California’s largest cities are in danger of closing because the State will not reimburse us for paying staff the legally required minimum wage.

Assemblyman Chris Holden introduced Assembly Bill 279 to help providers access the funding they need to comply with local wage laws – which increased on July 1 here in Los Angeles.

AB-279 passed the Assembly unanimously! But now the Senate Appropriations Committee must pass it by 9/1!

Call or write Senator Ricardo Lara, Chair of the Appropriations Committee TODAY at (916) 651-4033 or fax your letter to (916) 651-493

Call or write Senator Pat Bates, Vice Chair of the Appropriations Committee TODAY at (916) 651-4036 or fax your letter to her at (916) 651-4936.

Urge them to “FREE & SUPPORT AB-279” and to “SAVE OUR SERVICES”!

Click here to read the LA Daily News Op-Ed authored by Assembly Member Chris Holden and LA County Supervisor Kathryn Barger explaining the importance of AB-279.

Click here to read AB-279.

Questions? Contact Linda Gamberg at ECF via email or at (310) 773-9436.