Event Highlights

2017 Event Highlights

35th Annual “First Ever” ECF Golf Benefit 

ECF celebrated 35 years of “First Ever” golf  at Los Robles Greens on September 15.  The special anniversary event was held in  honor of the Fukamaki and Walker families for their 45 years of exceptional service to ECF. The event also marked the “retirement” of Terri Fukamaki Walker and James Walker from the event committee, which they have served on since the tournament’s creation in 1982 by Terri’s father, Dale Fukamaki.

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35th "First Ever" ECF Golf Benefit

Photos by Susan Goldman

2017 Angels Appreciation Luncheon

ECF held its annual Angels Appreciation Luncheon in May to express our gratitude for the group of philanthropic women who support our ECF Kayne Eras Center. This year’s event was held at the home of Krista Levitan in Santa Monica.

This year’s luncheon included keynote speaker Vernell Brown, a  KEC alumnus who shared his story of how KEC helped him succeed academically as well as develop his singing talent.

Founded in 1994 by former ECF board member Suzanne Kayne, the Kayne Eras Center Angels’ annual membership gifts support educational and therapeutic programs for the students of KEC.

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(l-r)Kayne Eras Center Angels founder Suzanne Kayne with KEC alumnus Vernell Brown and hostess Krista Levitan.

Maxine Greenspan, Krista Levitan, Renvy Pittman.

Ellen Sandler, Shelley Cooper, Maxine Greenspan, Krista Levitan.

ECF Kayne Eras Center founder Barbara Cull with Wendy Wintrob.

Hostess Krista Levitan with guests.

2016 Event Highlights

The 34th Annual “First Ever” ECF Golf Benefit

Many thanks to the sponsors and golfers who helped continue the success of our  Annual “First Ever” ECF Golf Benefit. This year’s sponsors included Kingsbury Uniforms, Deloitte, Pinnacle Contracting Corporation, Paul K. Zimmerman, Court Investment Services, Nancy and Leslie Abell, EH National Bank, GP Law Group, Shelley and Grady Smith, Total Realty Group and Bond Services of California. Special thanks to the many volunteers who kept the event running efficiently and smoothly.

The tournament is held in memory of event founder and ECF board member Dale Fukamaki and his wife, Toni.

Click here to learn about the event’s history.

terrijames-fbTerri Fukamaki Walker and James Walker, Tournament Co-Chairs. Terri’s father, Dale, started the tournament 34 years ago while on the board of ECF.


Elliot Ammon and his father, Dennis, are longtime tournament supporters.

Our tournament’s success depends on the hard work of our volunteers. (l-r) Suzie Franc with Farmers Insurance staff Sue Wilson and Debbie Lipke.

(l-r) Scott Bowling (ECF President & CEO), Fred Alavi (ECF Board Member), Steve Taub and Les Abell (ECF Board Member) enjoying the dinner hour.

gp-law-group-fbOne of our many sponsors included GP Law Group, represented here by principals David Gharakhanian and Manee Pazargad.

ECF Board Member Fred Alavi meets volunteer Krystal Patrice Rhaburn, a 2016 Miss Teen Southern California who enjoys performing community service while attending Cal State Lutheran.

Catherine Brown of sponsor Kingsbury Uniforms tries her luck in the putting contest.

WEB - 2016 Awardees

L to R: 2016 Exceptional Business Partners Dave Mulligan of United Aeronautical Corporation; Greg Chapman of Gallagher Chapman; Scott Tucker, John Tucker and Shannon Sharrock of Faro International, Inc.

2016 Business Partner Luncheon

At our 2nd Annual Business Partner Luncheon on June 23, ECF recognized more than 70 businesses who partner with us to provide job opportunities to adults with developmental disabilities opportunities or contribute to ECF’s programs for children and students with special needs.

The annual event is an opportunity for ECF to thank all of its business partners while offering them a forum for networking with dozens of like‐minded business leaders. Guests who attended the luncheon at Killer Shrimp Restaurant in Marina del Rey represented a wide range of local industries, from financial services to aeronautics to grocers, including US Bank, Merrill Lynch, Hawker Industries, Vons and Glendale Community College.

Three businesses received awards for their exceptional partnerships this year:

  • United Aeronautical Corporation received an award for partnering with ECF’s Supported Employment Program, hiring adults with developmental disabilities as archivists at the company’s global headquarters in North Hollywood.
  • Faro International, Inc. was acknowledged for helping expand the capacity of ECF’s PAR Program, which engages adults with autism, Down syndrome and brain injuries in fulfilling packaging and assembly orders for business clients.
  • Gallagher Chapman was honored for consistently and proactively contributing risk management expertise and financial support to ECF.

Photos by James Johnson Photography

ECF President & CEO, Scott Bowling presented President of the Culver City Chamber and ECF Board Member, Steven J. Rose, with a piece by an artist from ECF’s Art Centers Program.

WEB - Lew_Award_Mulligan

L to R: Edward Lew, a participant in ECF’s Supported Employment Program, presented a 2016 Exceptional Business Partner Award to David Mulligan, who accepted on behalf of United Aeronautical Corporation.

L to R: Jaqueline Gonzalez, a participant in ECF’s PAR (Packaging, Assembly & Rework) Program, presented a 2016 Exceptional Business Partner Award to Scott Tucker, who accepted on behalf of Faro International, Inc.; CEO & President of ECF, Scott Bowling

L to R: ECF President & CEO, Scott Bowling; ECF Vice President of Special Projects, Karen Kato presented Greg Chapman of Gallagher Chapman with a 2016 Exceptional Business Partner Award.

WEB - US_Bank_McCollough_Tseng

L to R: Jill McCollough and Bonnie Tseng, both of U.S. Bank, at the ECF 2nd Annual Business Partner Luncheon.

WEB - Merrill_Lynch

L to R: Jason Kelso and Glen Ferrand, both of Merrill Lynch, at the ECF 2nd Annual Business Partner Luncheon.

2015 Event Highlights

SuzanneJoshWebSuzanne Kayne and KEC student Josh.

2015 Angels Appreciation Luncheon

The 11th Annual Angels Appreciation Luncheon was held on October 26th at the home of Rosa Sinnott, a long-time Angel and ECF supporter. Each year, Angels come together to raise funds that support the ECF Kayne Eras Center (KEC).

The luncheon keynote speaker, Sandra Mosk, is KEC’s Director of Educational Therapy, a specialized service offered by KEC to identify and address specific learning challenges. Sandra explained the benefits of educational therapy and introduced the Angels to educational therapist Sharon Bothman and KEC student Josh.

Due to his ADHD, tantrums and aggressive behaviors in kindergarten, Josh had a difficult time in public school. At age 5, he came to KEC. Now 13, Josh is a model student, in large part due to educational therapy.

Sharon Bothman shared an art and writing project that she developed to help students like Josh. Sharon collected fallen palm fronds from the school parking lot and helped students transform them into colorful masks. Josh shared his mask with the Angels, as well as a brief description he wrote about it.

This year’s event raised more than $60,000, thanks to Suzanne’s unwavering commitment to KEC students, Rosa’s generous hosting of this year’s luncheon, and the support of so many Angels.

Our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all the Angels!

Ellen Lipson, Suzanne Kayne, Tawny Sanders and Kathi Cypres.

Carolyn Wellisz, Ginny Sydorick, Renvy Pittman and Rosa Sinnott.

Cindy Broder and Scott Bowling (ECF President & CEO)

KEC student Josh with a palm-frond mask he made with his educational therapist.

The 33rd Annual “First Ever” ECF Golf Benefit

Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, ECF’s 33rd Annual “First Ever” Golf Benefit set a new fundraising record, raising more than $100,000 for the first time in its history.

Anthem Blue Cross returned again as our title sponsor. Additional corporate sponsorship support came from Merle Norman Cosmetics, Kingsbury Uniforms, Arthur J. Gallagher & Co., Cognizant, Boston Private, City National Bank, Deloitte, UST Global, J.D. Gilmour & Co. and Tumbleweed Transportation. Other sponsors included Allen and Anita Kohl, Paul Zimmerman, Avalon Foundation, Nancy and Leslie Abell, Shelley and Grady Smith and Every Child Achieves and the Walker Family Fund.

The tournament, held in memory of event founder and ECF board member Dale Fukamaki and his wife, Toni, this year commemorated longtime ECF supporter and golf committee member David Brown, who passed away in March.

“For an annual event like the Golf Benefit to continue uninterrupted for 33 years is a feat in itself,” said Dr. Scott Bowling, ECF President and CEO. “It’s truly inspiring to see the support increase so substantially. I know that Dale and Toni Fukamaki would be thrilled to see their vision perpetuated for the benefit of ECF’s programs.”

Click here to learn about the event’s history.

Terri Walker (Tournament Co-Chair), Darren Ghanayem (VP, Information Technology, Anthem) and Rich Helppie (Chairman, Sandlot Solutions)

Adam Krajchir (UST Global), Anita Kohl, Steven Kleinman and Josh Stacy (UST Global).

Volunteers from University of Farmers included Debbie Bruemmer, Dave Nystrom, Kelly Minick and Chris Tucker.

2014 Event Highlights

The 32nd Annual “First Ever” ECF Golf Benefit

This event, held annually for over thirty years, was held at Los Robles Greens on September 19, 2014. Click here to learn about the event’s history.

Nearly 100 golfers enjoyed golf, a silent auction, a raffle, and an awards dinner.

“Every year for the past 32 years, this gathering has become ECF’s family reunion,” said Scott Bowling, ECF President and CEO. “Like most families, there are the father and mother figures who have been with us from the beginning, our sibling-like peers who we’ve seen grow and develop alongside our own changing reflections, and the newcomers to the family, whose wide-eyed enthusiasm infuses us all with new perspectives and energy. It’s encouraging that each of these demographics are represented again. Established by parents who wanted the very best life possible for their children, Dale Fukamaki’s love for his daughter Terri motivated his involvement with ECF, and a couple of years later, that love translated into this tournament.”

Darren Ghanayem (VP, CIO, Commercial Business, Anthem) and Scott Bowling (ECF President and CEO)




ECF thanks event title sponsor Anthem for all its support on and off the course.




(L-R) Grady Smith, Terri Fukamaki-Walker, Gali Basel, Will Basel (ECF Board Member), Scott Bowling (ECF President and CEO), Shelley Smith (ECF Chairperson of the Board), Les Abell (ECF Board Member), and Dr. Jason Bolton (ECF VP of Children and Family Programs).

2014 Angels Appreciation Luncheon

The 2014 Angels Appreciation Luncheon was held at the home of Jamie McCourt, where Angels heard 15-year-old Kayne Eras student Elijah explain the impact the school has made on his life.

After a troubled childhood spent in dozens of foster homes and repeated expulsion from schools, Elijah’s life changed when he entered KEC. Thanks to KEC teachers and therapists who worked with him one-on-one, Elijah now earns good grades, participates in sports, and excels in theatrical productions. After graduation, he plans to attend acting school in New York or teach music and art in high school.

Founded in 2001 by ECF Board Member Suzanne Kayne, the Kayne Eras Angels are a group of philanthropic women whose annual Angels gifts help fund specialized educational and therapeutic services for K-12 students with special needs at the ECF Kayne Eras Center school. An annual luncheon is held to honor and thank the Angels for their generous support.

Elijah (KEC student and luncheon keynote speaker) and Shelley Cooper

Our heartfelt thanks to all the Angels for their continued support to ensure that students with special needs achieve their highest academic success. Many thanks to Jamie McCourt for hosting a truly memorable luncheon. And our deep appreciation to Suzanne Kayne for her unwavering commitment to all the students at the Kayne Eras School.

???????????????????????????????(L-R) Suzanne Kayne (ECF board member and Angels founder), Jamie McCourt, Scott Bowling (ECF President and CEO) and Shelley Smith (ECF Chairperson of the Board).

???????????????????????????????(L-R) Dr. Susan Rice, Carolyn Wellisz and Miriam Muscarolas.