The Residential Services Program offers adults with developmental disabilities a variety of living arrangements combined with in‐home living skills training and support services. In addition to providing safe and comfortable housing, the primary goal of the program is to foster the highest level of independence through full and proactive home and community involvement to the extent each client is capable. Our Residential Services program has facilities located in Los Angeles, Culver City, Whittier, and Reseda.

Independent Living Program
In two ECF-owned 13-unit apartment buildings, residents live and learn as they develop a wide range of life skills. Staff supports residents with money management, housekeeping, meal planning and preparation, personal care, emergency response, and community involvement. As residents gain experience and confidence in their independent living skills, staff supports them in using these skills to transition to a home of their own with less direct support.

Intermediate Care Facilities
For individuals who want independence but require 24‐hour care and specialized services plus more support with day‐to‐day tasks, ECF offers three Intermediate Care Facilities. These facilities can serve a total of 24 residents in private and semi‐private bedrooms. These homes offer a level of autonomy while still providing staff support with education, supervision, meal preparation, socialization, and emergency situations. Auxiliary health services are also provided from licensed professionals in behavioral psychology, speech and language pathology, nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and diet and nutrition.

For individuals who require nursing care in addition to the services listed above, ECF offers its Intermediate care facility/nursing (ICF/DDN) in the San Fernando Valley. This is a 12-bed home with individual bedrooms and semi-private bathrooms. This home offers the services listed above plus 8 hours of Licensed Vocational Nursing (LVN) every day. It is suitable for individuals whose medical needs require daily supervision by a licensed nurse.


Level III, Community Care Facility
For individuals who need 24-hour staff support but do not require the specialized services of our professional consultants, ECF operates a 6-bed home. Staff at this residence provides assistance with daily living tasks, such as, cooking, hygiene, and grooming.

Regional Centers


ECF partners with Regional Centers in Los Angeles County for client referrals. The primary referring Regional Centers for the Residential program are:


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