Dear Friends,

A changing landscape brings new opportunities to create. Regardless if change is motivated by new political leadership, economic adjustments, or generational transition, those who are best positioned to adapt and assimilate will remain relevant in the “new normal.”

At ECF, we have over 71 years of experience with both responding to and leading change. We have recently initiated the development of a historical time wall at our headquarters location, the Kayne Eras Center, which offers a powerful reminder of the ECF story. Using photos, images, quotes and descriptions that walk us through decades of mission progress and triumph over obstacles, the time wall illuminates ECF’s timeless operational principles and commitment to our original values: service excellence for people first. Reflecting on all the ways these values have manifested through the years, and how they’ve stood the test of time, offers confidence of their endurance.

The people who have been attracted to this truly exceptional organization (staff, Board members, donors and partners) have created a strong foundation on which an exciting future will be constructed. Yet, those of us who comprise the ECF family understand that the lion’s share of the credit for our progress goes to the families and individuals whom we serve. With every site visit I make, and every program tour I give, I gain another glimpse into the resolve each of our program participants maintain to create an elevated future. I continue to be inspired by the:

  • New generations of children who overcome physical and environmental obstacles to reach critical developmental milestones,
  • Students who learn how to learn and pursue new roads to a previously unseen horizon,
  • Adults who develop new skills that offer pathways to employment, opportunities for community engagement, and the confidence to participate in the potential tomorrow brings.

We thank each member of the ECF community for all the ways you perpetuate progress in our changing world. With your continued support, ECF will continue to do what we do best – create a bright future for every life we touch.



Scott Signature Transparent
Scott D. Bowling, Psy.D.
President and CEO