The “First Ever” ECF Golf Benefit
The “First Ever” ECF Golf Benefit has been held annually for more than three decades. Created by former board member Dale Fukamaki in 1982 with the support of his family and friends, the “First Ever” is one of the longest-running charity golf tournaments in Southern California. Both Dale and his wife, Toni, along with their children, worked hard to ensure the continued success of this event, which increases its revenue with each passing year. Since Dale’s death in 1999 and Toni’s passing in 2011, their family has continued to support the tournament as a way to honor their parents’ dedication to improving the lives of people with special needs. Click here to view annual event highlights.


The Angels
Created in 2004 by ECF Board Member Suzanne Kayne, the Angels is a group of philanthropic women whose annual membership donations support the educational and therapeutic programs of the ECF Kayne Eras Center. Angels members attend an annual luncheon at a member’s home and also hear a presentation from special education experts and KEC parents and students. Click here to view annual event highlights.

ECF Business Partner Luncheon
At the annual ECF Business Partner Luncheon, we recognize leaders from dozens of local businesses who partner with us to provide adults with developmental disabilities opportunities to join the local workforce, and who contribute to ECF’s programs for children and students with special needs. The luncheon is an opportunity for ECF to thank all of its business partners while offering them a forum for networking with dozens of like-minded business leaders. Click here to view annual event highlights.

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