Success Stories

Success Stories


Meet Clyde

At age 17 with a learning disability, Clyde enrolled at ECF’s Kayne Eras School with a history of academic struggles and unacceptable behaviors. He was often disrespectful to his teachers and peers and regularly did not attend class. As a result, he fell far behind in his schoolwork and became disengaged with school and was not on a path leading to graduation.

In contrast, at Kayne Eras, Clyde flourished. He was surrounded by teachers who worked with him one-on-one. They created an individualized education plan that prepared him for academic success. Clyde felt valued and respected by his teachers in a way he never had before.

Now, Clyde is a model student – he helps other students as a peer mentor and will graduate in June.

Meet Charmayne

Charmayne enrolled in the Kayne Eras School in fourth grade. At the time, her public school teachers and principals had written her off as unreachable and unteachable. “If I stayed at a regular public school, I would have gotten kicked out,” recalls Charmayne.

But everything began to change when Charmayne got to Kayne Eras. With a ratio of one staff member to every four students, personalized one-on-one counseling, mentoring and tutoring programs, and very small class sizes, Charmayne finally received the attention, guidance, and nurturing she needed.

It hasn’t always been easy for Charmayne but few transformations are. During her time at Kayne Eras, Charmayne went from being a young girl angry at the world to a young woman who is an accomplished writer, dancer, and student with specific goals and plans for her future.

“They do not give up on the students. They will motivate you. They’re behind you 100 percent, and they really motivated me,” Charmayne said.

Charmayne graduated in 2012 and now attends Cal State Dominguez Hills. After college, she plans on joining the Peace Corps and then going on to law school. “College wouldn’t even be on my radar if I didn’t go to Kayne Eras.”



Meet Audreona

Audreona didn’t fit in at her neighborhood school. She talked too much, asked too many questions, and had trouble controlling her impulses. As a result, her teachers decided she was a disruption and her classmates teased and bullied her.

Everything changed for Audreona when she transferred to ECF’s Kayne Eras School. With small class sizes, special attention from teachers, access to counselors, tutoring, and an enrichment program second-to-none, Kayne Eras is doing what most public schools can’t – reaching the kids labelled “unteachable.”

Today, this amazing fifth grader walks the school halls with a confidence and youthful exuberance that evokes a sense of hope and optimism. But her transformation didn’t happen overnight. It required hard work and the constant support and nurturing of the Kayne Eras School teachers and staff. But now, instead of worrying about her safety, Audreona is looking to the future. She wants to be a scientist and work for NASA. Her teachers have no doubt that the sky is the limit for this exceptional young lady.