ECF is proud to offer a variety of products and services for purchase, all made available as a result of the quality work performed by our adult clients with developmental disabilities. All products and services are competitively priced with proceeds benefiting clients in ECF’s adult services programs.

Thank you for your support of our products and services, all of which create professional opportunities for adults with special needs to express their artistic abilities and enjoy meaningful work experiences.

ECF Produced Products

  • Fine Art Supplies – Top quality hand-stretched canvases produced for distribution to art supply stores and professional artists.
  • Greeting Cards – Individually crafted hand-made cards are available for celebrations throughout the year (for example, birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s/Father’s Day).
  • T-Shirts – Original silk-screen images available for sports teams, school clubs, and community groups.

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ECF Art – DAC Gallery
Fine art created by ECF Art Center program artists includes watercolors, ink drawings, acrylic, and oil paintings, and ceramic pieces. A wide range of styles, genres, and themes are represented to meet art lovers’ interests and tastes. Purchases are available through the Downtown Art Center Gallery (DAC) which serves as a hub for exhibitions and sales of art produced at our four Art Center program studios located throughout Los Angeles. Visit the DAC Gallery at

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ECF Art –
In 2013, the DAC Gallery became one of a limited number of galleries in the U.S. selected to join a new initiative called Fine Art on Amazon. You can view and purchase over 2,000 pieces created by ECF artists on the DAC Gallery’s web page:

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