ECF Artwork

ECF Artwork

All fine art is created by adult artists in our four Art Center program studios. The one-of-a-kind art pieces include watercolors, ink drawings, acrylic and oil paintings, and ceramic pieces. Many diverse styles and themes are represented to meet a wide range of art lovers’ interests and tastes.


Our original art pieces make a great addition to office and home space décor, as well as ideal gifts for family, friends, and business colleagues. Proceeds from art sales benefit the adult artists in the Art Center program. 60% of each sale’s proceeds goes directly to the professional artists when they sell a piece of art, and 40% is directed back into the Art Center program to offset art supplies and other program costs.

How to Purchase Art


Downtown Art Center (DAC) Gallery
Our DAC Gallery serves as a hub for exhibitions and sales of art produced at our four Art Center program studios located throughout Los Angeles. You can visit the gallery online at or at its storefront location in Downtown Los Angeles (431 South Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90013). Call (213) 627-7590 to schedule an appointment.
In 2013, the DAC Gallery became one of a limited number of galleries in the U.S. selected to join a new initiative called “Fine Art on Amazon.” You can view and purchase over 2,000 pieces created by ECF artists on DAC Gallery’s page at:

ECF Art in Business Settings

We also welcome partnerships with representative buyers and buyers supporting consignment work. If you know someone who represents a business or corporation and is interested in purchasing quality original fine art, please contact us. We welcome the opportunity to introduce and feature ECF artwork in business settings. Please contact the DAC Gallery at (213) 627-7374.