Mental Health Services

Mental Health Program

ECF’s Mental Health Program at the Kayne Eras Center is a family-focused, child-centered, mental health provider offering comprehensive services to the children and the families of our community. We provide comprehensive mental health services to children, adolescents, and families who are struggling with a variety of issues, including trauma, depression, anxiety, behavioral problems, and ADHD.

These services are individualized to each client and family, provided within a strengths-based framework, coordinated with other social service agencies, and including individual therapy, family therapy, case management, and psychiatric services. ECF may also provide therapeutic services to adults who are related to or are a significant figure to a child who is already receiving our services.

ECF employs bilingual and bi-cultural clinicians and staff who can provide culturally and linguistically appropriate services to children and their families. This multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural, multi-linguistic team consists of Master’s level therapists, licensed mental health professionals, Bachelor’s level case managers, psychologists, and psychiatrists.


ECF proudly and responsibly utilizes Evidenced-Based Practices (EBP) when providing therapeutic care. Our clinicians are trained in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Positive Parenting Program (Triple P), Child Parent Psychotherapy, and Seeking Safety to name a few. These EBPs have been clinically designed and researched to address symptoms related to trauma, to assist parents in managing their child’s challenging behaviors, to promote and strengthen the relationship between caregiver and child, and to focus on co-occurring disorders which may accompany mental health disorders.

Services are available to children, families, and adults with full-scope Medi-Cal through the Early Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment Program (EPSDT). EPSDT is the child health component of the federal Medicaid program which provides a broad range of mental health services such as those that are offered by ECF for children ages 3-21 and their families.

Call us to discuss how ECF’s Mental Health Program might be able to help your child or a student you care about at (310) 737-9393.