Core Values

Core Values

People First
We place the highest value on the people involved in our organization (students, consumers, clients, families, employees, volunteers, supporters, and friends). We respect and appreciate each person’s unique abilities and contributions.

Service Excellence
We provide choices of progressive educational, therapeutic, employment, residential and community programs to our students, consumers and clients. We are committed to recruiting, developing and retaining professionals and volunteers who are highly skilled and possess the values consistent with those of ECF.

We provide services and conduct business with strict adherence to the highest values of society. We are committed to maintaining those high standards in all that we do.

Empowerment and Inclusion
We are committed to providing our students, consumers and clients the tools they need for self-determination and to make the best choices in their lives.

Fiscal Responsibility
We honor and embrace our fiduciary responsibility to manage our resources efficiently and effectively, and to remain accountable.

Community Building and Advocacy
We are committed to educating and encouraging the general public and legislators to integrate and include people with developmental, learning and emotional disabilities in all aspects of community life. Our services and programs are designed to maximize choices and opportunities for the people we serve.

Life-Long Learning
We are dedicated to offering a wide range of experiences and opportunities to encourage individuals to discover and develop their unique talents and abilities, understanding that each individual learns differently.